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Clancy Adams is proof that with vision, passion and lots of hard work, you can achieve your dream. Clancy grew up in a family of 5th generation Gympie builders and was always intrigued by real estate. On graduating high school, Clancy began dropping off resumes to every real estate agent in Gympie, not once but multiple times. He followed this up with multiple phone calls and, some 5 months later, despite just being 17 years old, was rewarded with 2 job offers in one week…persistence had finally paid off!

Clancy immediately fell in love with the industry and was addicted. In just the first 3 years Clancy had worked his way through the ranks from receptionist to sales trainee, lead sales agent and sales manager, to becoming the number one Sales agent in Gympie.

Clancy was quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with within the industry, already making more sales then some agencies in the area put together, as well as employing 2 full-time staff members, his personal assistant and a trainee sales agent.

Clancy never lost sight of the dream which saw him enter the real estate industry…to own his own Agency by the age of 24! As circumstance would have it, at the age of just 22, an opportunity arose to purchase a viable property management business. Although the business did not possess a Property Sales division, Clancy knew he possessed a network of skilled and dedicated professionals with which to herald in a new era in Real Estate within the Gympie region….and with which to turn his dream into a reality…his own solely owned Real Estate Agency.

So, at just 22 years old, Clancy Adams takes immense pride and satisfaction as proprietor of LJ Hooker Gympie. By surrounding himself with a wonderful real estate team he is able to dedicate almost all his time to what he loves most….selling Real Estate!!

If you’re looking for an agent with runs on the board and a whole company behind him, feel free to contact Clancy for anything Real Estate.

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